Renüable presents...

Renüable presents...

Community Composting Program

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Why Compost?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is estimated that more food waste is sent to landfill than any other material. Source: The EPA's MSW Fact Sheet 2012. That is a lot of uneaten food, and the worst part is that the wasted food itself is not the end of the problem!

Once all that organic waste is sent to the landfill, it sits in plastic bags and gets added to an ever-growing pile of trash.

Over time, trash is piled on top of each other, preventing oxygen from decomposing the organic material, creating a toxic sludge that releases methane.

This multi-layered problem of organic matter not getting added back into the natural energy cycles of the environment, as well as producing methane, a gas that contributes to the destruction of our protective ozone layer, and growing landfills has detrimental impacts to our quality of life...

If we don't make change happen NOW.

Imagine being part of a community that cares about the environment and each other.

A composting community diverting organic waste plaguing our landfills to produce the compost end-product, “black gold” - a nutrient dense topsoil, an excellent fertilizer for your garden.

Imagine our waste management systems working for us, rather than against us.



  1. Organic materials that can be broken down into their simplest form and reintroduced into the environment.
  2. Materials that have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass) that will not harm the environment.

Choose your composting adventure

Cancel anytime. Skip your service if you need to and get credit for future service.

Home Pick-up

Once a week pick-up $39/month

Bi-weekly pick-up $29/month

Local Drop-off

Visit your designated drop-off location as much as you'd like $20/month


Start composting with Renüable in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Sign up to be a Renüable member - choose between home pick-ups or local drop-off.

Step 2

Receive your Renüable bucket and lid on your pick-up day. 

Step 3

Fill your bucket and leave it outside on your pick-up day to be replaced by a clean bin!

Compost Service Map

South Florida Tampa / St. Pete
Renüable Composting South Florida Pickup Map Renüable Composting Tampa / St. Pete Pickup Map

Not servicing your area? Send us your location.

Can your business host a drop off location? Let's set it up!

Renüable Composting South Florida Drop-Off Map Renüable Composting South Florida Drop-Off Map Mobile
Together We Stand

3350 N 57th Dr, Hollywood, FL 33021

View on Google

Flagler Village Station

500 NE 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

View on Google

Temple Solel Station

5100 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33021

View on Google

Heal The Planet Store

601 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

View on Google

Not servicing your area? Send us your location.

Can your business host a drop off location? Let's set it up!

Renüable Composting Tampa / St. Pete Drop Off Map Renüable Composting Tampa / St. Pete Drop Off Map Mobile
Sans Market

1037 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 33705

View on Google

Meacham Urban Farm

1108 E Scott St, Tampa, FL 33602

View on Google

CAMP Tampa

3012 W Palmira Ave, Tampa, FL 33629

View on Google

Downtown St. Pete

646 2nd Ave South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Note: it is in the back alley

View on Google

The Luna Parlor

6202 North Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

View on Google

Living Roots Eco Design & Plant Nursery

3645 45th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714

View on Google

Not servicing your area? Send us your location.

Can your business host a drop off location? Let's set it up!

Top Home Composting FAQ's

How do weekly and bi-weekly pick-ups work?

If you choose the weekly option, make sure to leave your bucket out on your area's service day. If you have chosen bi-weekly, we will pick-up your compost every other week.

Can I compost meat & dairy?

Yes you can, but we really only recommend this for our weekly residential pick-up subscribers or our community drop-off members. For those who are bi-weekly home pick-ups, we recommend only composting vegetarian ingredients to ensure a clean and safe composting experience for you and our team members.

What if I didn't put my bin out in time?

It happens, let us know! We can swing by the following week, or you can order a special pick-up from the shop in your member dashboard and we will get a driver out to you within the next couple days.

Commercial Composting

Join businesses like American Express and Fresh Kitchen.

Event & Wedding Composting

Let's talk about making your event or wedding zero-waste

Waste Audit & Consultation Services

For businesses looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock new opportunities through improved waste management


Reimagine your current landscape with sustainability experts using our very own compost to nourish your plants

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