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About Renüable's
Renüable's Mission

Renüable's Mission

Renüable's mission and driving force is to catalyze personal, social, and environmental change by equipping community members, government leaders, and activists with resources and education for a more sustainable present and future. One of the ways we will accomplish this is to reach our goal of 1,000,000 pounds of waste diverted from landfills. Once we hit a million pounds of waste diverted, we will aim to make this our annual goal.

Renüable's Vision

Renüable's Vision

Renüable envisions a world where sustainable communities are the norm. These communities include responsible land stewardship, alternative energy options, and constituents that work together with the natural systems to become part of nature rather than separate.




Renüable's Values

Environmental Conservation

This is why Renüable exists - to protect the environment, fight back against climate change, and make Earth a more inhabitable place for all.

Renüable is innovative


We're not interested in how “things have been done”. We're here to breakdown the systems that got us into this waste mismanagement predicament. By becoming a Renüable member, you're becoming part of a system for the greater good - doing your part to protect your local environment, wildlife, and the health of all.

Renüable is efficient


We understand that composting can be associated with being “smelly” or “dirty” - we're here to challenge those sentiments by handling your compost with cleanliness in mind. We strive to make composting as easy as possible for you.

Renüable is accessible


Composting should be easy, period. That's why we marry convenience with affordability. Choose a plan that works best for your needs, whether that's a weekly or bi-weekly home pick-up or a drop off location in your area. We keep costs low to minimize the barrier to entry.

Xavier, our Founder

The Renüable Story

Being from southern California, Xavier was exposed to composting as a way of life at a young age. It wasn't until he moved cross-country to Florida that he realized, not everyone prioritizes composting. He realized that the onus to compost was put onto the citizens by local governments, encouraging people to handle their own waste at home instead of providing a service to take care of it. Xavier also realized how ineffective at-home composting is and actually leads to pathogens in the soil - introducing a huge problem. Thus, Xavier knew the solution, big batch composting in one centralized location was the answer.

With a background in permaculture and a deep desire to help citizens become more sustainable, Renüable was born.

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