Renüable Community Compost Program Service Area

If you are located within the green shaded area, good news! You can sign up for composting services! 

All of Broward county is now covered, and a portion of North Miami-Dade county can compost with us now too! 

If your address is not in the current service area, we still want to hear from you! We will try to get service in your area as soon as possible, and that can only happen if we know where our services are needed! 

The Food Recovery Hierarchy

Food recovery comes in many forms and methods, and believe it or not composting is our last resort! We believe it is important to make an effort to divert and recover as much food waste as possible. We first look to rescue as much edible food as we can to be diverted to  hungry people. Renüable also looks to divert food waste to animals like chickens to help supplement their diet for feed before we even decide to start composting anything!

 Of course, any of these options are better than sending our valuable organics straight to a local landfill, where they do not compost, and instead release methane and carbon dioxide gases which harm the environment. 

    We strive to work alongside with community foundations and nonprofits to fight against local hunger, and waste streams.